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Who we are

Since 1965, TERRACOTTA has artisans who have been working with clay to produce rustic handmade materials, thus differentiating themselves from materials that are the results of an automated process. Each of the pieces is unique and the difference between one and the other allows to achieve a certain irregularity, which makes the environment to have a greater warmth, looking as if it had been installed many years before it was actually installed.

At the beginning our clients were people living in country houses, farms, hotels, restaurants, etc. Among the most popular products of that time we can highlight the Pastelón floor of 40 x 40cm.

One of the main qualities of TERRACOTTA is that allows each piece to be different and with a unique personality. Most models have two finishes: a rough and a smooth side that allows the customer to have the choice to regulate the degree of rusticity. Our artisans have more than 40 years of experience and thanks to this we have the ability to design and produce pieces according to the requirements of each client, always with the characteristic being handmade.

As they are not rectified materials, they can vary a few millimeters in their format; light cracks and splinters that are typical of materials with rustic and handmade characteristics. These imperfections create the personality of the piece. To protect it you must us a specific sealer. This silicone-based sealer waterproofs the surface of our product, curing and sealing the imperfections. After that, the only maintenance that is required is sweeping and mopping, to avoid tedious polishing.

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