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The Chavín culture was located in the province of Huari, in the Ancash region. It was an important ceremonial and religious centre that attracted people from various parts of the Andean world to render worship of the gods who dwelt in it.

Due to its Amazonian influence, represented their gods with savage figures such as jaguars, pumas, snakes, condors, anacondas and hawks.

Its economy was based on agriculture and livestock. The real push towards the development of its economy was mainly through its modern techniques in agriculture.

Map of Peru

Chavin is one of the oldest civilizations starting the so-called "Early Horizon". It receives the name of "Chavín" since it comes from Quechua "chawpi" which means "in the middle" by the geographical location it had. Chavin is considered pre-Inca because it greatly influenced cultures that appeared later until the arrival of the Inca empire

Our tiles are customised and they can be made in different colour tones and with the option to be glazed or natural.

Designs available

Chavin design 1.PNG
Chavin design 3.PNG
Chavin Design 2.PNG
Chavin design 4.PNG
Chavin design 5.PNG

Based Colours 

Chavin colours 5.PNG
Chavin colours 1.PNG
Chavin colours 3.PNG
Chavin colours 4.PNG
Chavin colours 2.PNG

Examples of designs glazed and not glazed

Chavin 1 tiles.PNG
Chavin 2 tiles.PNG
Chavin 3 tiles.PNG
Chavin 4 tiles.PNG
Chavin 5 tiles.PNG
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