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The Mochica culture flourished in northern Peru with its capital near present-day Moche, Trujillo, Peru, from about 100 to 700 AD during the Regional Development Epoch. While this issue is the subject of some debate, many scholars contend that the Moche were not politically organized as a monolithic empire or state, rather, they were likely a group of autonomous polities that shared a common culture, as you can see it in the rich iconography and monumental architecture that survives today.

Moche map.PNG

Moche society was agriculturally based, with a significant level of investment in the construction of a network of irrigation canals for the diversion of river water to supply their crops. Their culture was sophisticated; and their artifacts express their lives, with detailed scenes of hunting, fishing, fighting, sacrifice, sexual encounters and elaborate ceremonies. The Moche are particularly noted for their elaborately painted ceramicsgold work, monumental constructions (huacas) and irrigation systems.[

Our tiles are customised and they can be made in different colour tones and with the option to be glazed or natural.

Designs available

Moche design 1.PNG
Moche design 2.PNG
Moche design 3.PNG
Moche design 4.PNG
Moche design 5.PNG

Based Colours 

Moche design colour 5.PNG
Moche design colour 4.PNG
Moche design colour 3.PNG
Moche design colour 2.PNG
Moche design colour 1.PNG

Examples of designs glazed and not glazed

Moche tile 1.PNG
Moche tile 2.PNG
Moche tile 4.PNG
Moche tile 3.PNG
Moche tile 5.PNG
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