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This collection is influenced by the Nazca culture (also Nasca) which was the archaeological culture that flourished in the south of Peru from c. 300 BC to 800 AD.

They are known for two extensive construction projects that would have required the coordination of large groups of laborers: the Nazca Lines, immense designs in the desert whose purpose is unknown, and puquios, underground aqueducts for providing water for irrigation and domestic purposes in the arid environment. Several dozen still function today. The Nazca Province in the Ica Region was named for this people.

Nazca society developed during the Early Intermediate Period and is generally divided into the Proto Nazca (phase 1, 300 BC  – 1 AD), the Early Nazca (phases 2–4, 1–450 AD), Middle Nazca (phase 5, 450–550 AD) and Late Nazca (phases 6–7, 550–750 AD) cultures.

Nazca map.PNG

Our tiles are customised and they can be made in different colour tones and with the option to be glazed or natural.

Designs available

Nazca design 5.PNG
Nazca design 3.PNG
Nazca design 2.PNG
Nazca design 4.PNG
Nazca design 1.PNG

Based Colours 

Nazca colour 2.PNG
Nazca colour 1.PNG
Nazca colour 3.PNG
Nazca colour 5.PNG
Nazca colour 4.PNG

Examples of designs glazed and not glazed

Nazca 1.PNG
Nazca 3.PNG
Nazca 4.PNG
Nazca 5.PNG
Nazca 2.PNG
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